Our 2021 15th Annual Banquet Canceled

Dear friends and supporters of Operation HOPE: Due to the cancellation of spring events at the Civic Center, we are forced to cancel this year's Operation HOPE Banquet.  Thank you for your generous support over the years.  Please pray about how the LORD would have you contribute to our outreach this year as we continue our commitments to Hope2Haiti and SnackPack4Kids in West Texas.

Update from Haiti

Although I haven't had a great deal of contact with Jarred Minefee since he headed to Haiti 12 days ago, he was able to post a handful of fantastic images online that I would love to share with you. My original intention was to wait until I was able to get more of a story about each of these images, but I realize that many of these are too powerful to be left alone until then. Within the first couple of days, Jarred had the opportunity to be involved in a crusade in Montrouis as well as a beautiful baptism service the next morning. I hope that these images will touch your heart as they have mine and hopefully remind you of the incredible work being done in Haiti. These people's lives are not only being impacted physically by food and medical supplies donated through Operation HOPE, but their lives are literally changing from the inside out by experiencing firsthand the love of our Father.

Here's a shot from the back of the Crusade in Montrouis:

And here are a couple of pictures of the Baptismal service the morning after the crusade.

Last month, during Jarred's first trip to Haiti, the New Vision team met a young boy by the name of Johnny. Johnny is physically disabled and unable to walk. Because of Johnny's disability, he was confined to a small wooden chair in his house. Not only is Johnny unable to walk, but he couldn't even move around his house unless his father or another strong adult was present to pick him up and move him. Here's a picture of Johnny and his father when they first met New Vision Haiti:

I am thrilled to say that thanks to your support and the fantastic donations received by Operation HOPE, Johnny now has a new set of wheels! He is no longer confined to a little wooden chair in the corner, but he is free to move about and go a far as his new wheelchair can take him. Below are a few pictures of Jarred presenting Johnny with his new chair and Johnny taking it for a spin!

You can see the tears on Little Johnny's face as he finally has the opportunity to sit in his new wheelchair.

As you can see, The people of Haiti are being touched every day through your generous donations. Thank you for your prayers and continued support.

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