Our 2021 15th Annual Banquet Canceled

Dear friends and supporters of Operation HOPE: Due to the cancellation of spring events at the Civic Center, we are forced to cancel this year's Operation HOPE Banquet.  Thank you for your generous support over the years.  Please pray about how the LORD would have you contribute to our outreach this year as we continue our commitments to Hope2Haiti and SnackPack4Kids in West Texas.


I would like to introduce you to a little boy named of Michelet. He currently lives at the Celebration Children's Home operated by New Vision Ministries and supported by Operation HOPE. Michelet is 4 years old and has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a condition in which fluid accumulates in the brain and oftentimes causes brain damage. When Michelet was first brought to the children's home. It was apparent that he had a serious condition, but the resources to care for such a sensitive condition simply don't exist in Haiti and at the time there seemed to be no solution to his problem.

Fortunately, God had a solution in mind the entire time.

During out trip to Haiti in March of 2011, a woman by the name of Carolyn met Michelet and, after spending a little bit of time with him, was determined to do something about his condition. Carolyn paid for him to receive a CAT scan at a clinic in Port Au Prince and arranged for Dr. Thomas to take a look at it. Dr. Thomas recognized the condition, but forwarded the scan to a colleague to take a closer look. After further examination, it was determined that he indeed suffered from hydrocephalus and that if something wasn't done about it, he would suffer severe brain damage. Although there may be a few doctors in Haiti who claim to be able to handle such a sensitive operation, the truth is that Michelet's best chance of survival would be receiving help here in the US. As Carolyn began the long road covered in red tape to bring him to the States for an operation, Michelet's condition began to worsen and the pressure on his brain was causing him to loose a great deal of basic brain function.

Although the possibility was (and still is) a long way off to be able to bring him to a hospital in America, God provided a short-term alternative - bring an American hospital to Michelet. 

On August 18, 2011, the USNS Comfort, an 894-foot US Navy hospital ship arrived in Port Au Prince at the end of a 5-month goodwill mission to provide medical aid to a number of nations in the Caribbean and Latin America. Dr. Kerry Reeves with New Vision Ministries packed up Michelet and drove him down to Port Au Prince where he was able to undergo a basic surgery to drain much of the fluid and therefore relieve the pressure on his brain.

During our trip in December, we had the opportunity to see Michelet and the difference that the surgery made. Prior to the surgery, Michelet was unable to feed himself and had a difficult time laughing or responding to other people when they spoke to him. Now Michelet is eating on his own using a spoon and a bowl and has even started learning to speak. It's incredible to see what a huge difference even a temporary solution can make on a condition like his.

Although the surgery didn't completely solve the problem, it did buy Carolyn (and of course Michelet) more time to be able to complete the request to bring him to the US to undergo a more permanent solution. At the moment, hydrocephalus cannot be completely cured, but modern medicine has provided a way to treat the condition by inserting a shunt and allowing the fluid to drain away from the brain. 


We would like to ask you to please stand with us in prayer as we work with Carolyn and New Vision to provide a way for Michelet to come to the US for treatment. God has shown us time and time again that He is more than capable of providing solutions to issues that would otherwise be impossible to solve.

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